Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Freckles Polish Swatches & Review

Hey everybody! Today I have some lovely new Freckles Polishes to show you. There are four shades from two separate collections: "The Coven Collection", inspired by American Horror Story: Coven; and "The Love Me, Love Me Not Collection", which is a Valentines collection based on the fact that you don't need to be in a relationship to have a good time on Valentines Day. There is also a matte top coat too!

Info on where and when you can buy will be at the end of the post, so let's go!

Freckles Polish "Reign Supreme"

"Reign Supreme" is from The Coven Collection. It is a medium-dark smoky grey with signature Freckles holo finish. It is slightly less densely pigmented than other Freckles Polish holos, but still perfectly opaque with two coats. Application was smooth and easy, and dry time was good. Swatches show two coats with top coat.

Freckles Polish "Papa Legba"

"Papa Legba" is from The Coven Collection. It is a rich, deep, pink-toned red with a slight cinnamon tinge and signature Freckles holo finish. Formula was flawless, perfectly opaque in two coats and an absolute breeze to apply. Swatches show two coats with top coat.


Freckles Polish "Young Free And Single"

"Young Free And Single" is from The Love Me, Love Me Not Collection. It is a rich red jelly base with a variety of different shaped and sized glitters. The jelly base was opaque enough to cover with two coats yet still allow the glitters to show through, and application was very easy - no need for fishing as the glitters are all fairly small, and very well suspended. Swatches show two coats with top coat.

Freckles Polish "You Had Me At Hello"

"You Had Me At Hello" is from The Love Me, Love Me Not Collection. It is a deep purple jelly base with small silver and purple glitter and a sprinkling of larger flakies. The base is very well pigmented, easily covering with two coats, and application was very easy. Swatches show two coats with top coat.


Freckles Polish "You Make Me So Matte"

"You Make Me So Matte" is a matte top coat. What can I say about a matte top coat other than it is a top coat which dries to a matte finish? It does what it claims to do, and it does it very well. As with all matte top coats, it takes a few minutes for the matte finish to fully develop. I will certainly be purchasing when this bottle runs out! For your information, my swatches show Freckles Polish "Wild Flower Meadow" from last year's Easter Collection over Ciate "Bon Bon", with one coat of Freckles Polish "You Make Me So Matte" matte top coat.


My thoughts on this collection: As always, wonderful formulas which are a joy to work with and beautiful shades. I can't pretend to know anything about American Horror Story so I've no idea if the polishes from that collection sit well with their theme, but regardless they are lovely shades in their own right, as are the two Valentines shades. The matte top coat is a total winner for me too!

These polishes will all be available to buy on Friday 30th January (that's next Friday) from the Freckles Polish Etsy Store, and you can keep up to date with all the news by following the Freckles Polish Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter feed.

Thanks for reading!

**Products provided for honest, unbiased review**


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