Friday, 26 September 2014

A To Z: W is for Wardour Mews by Nails Inc

Hi folks! Firstly, some things to be considered: 1) I am a day late (sorry!); 2) my computer chair is broken so I am standing up to type this (yes I could go and get a chair from the dining room; no I can't be bothered) which means it won't be very wordy; and 3) if you follow me on either Facebook or Instagram you will know already, but for those who don't.... I have shortened my nails and gone back to my beloved square shape, hooray!

Now that's all out of the way, let's get on to it! This week's A to Z manicure is brought to you by the letter W. I chose Nails Inc "Wardour Mews", a purplish jelly with gold shimmer. I applied two coats and top coat:

And mama has also chosen a Nails Inc polish for the letter W - "Warwick Street" - a milky white base with tiny multi-coloured glitter. Two coats and top coat:

Don't forget to check the A to Z Blog Series Hub Page, and come back next week for another installment!

Thanks for reaing :) x

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