Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy New Year Favourites Spam!

My oh my, where does the time go? The year is ten days old already and this is only my first blog post!

Well, I received a lot of lovely polishes for Christmas so I thought I'd do a big spammy post to show them all to you, and throw in some recent favourite manicures too. Loooooooads of pictures, in no particular order, including some mobile phone pics, ultra-lazy collages created on my tablet from the confines of my bed, and virtually zero consistency when it comes to hand poses. I've been unwell, please forgive me!

Shall we look? 

Barry M "Red Glitter"

And with a nail art sticker or two

Zoya "Avery"

Nails Inc "Holland Park Gardens" with "Electric Lane"

 Nails Inc "Baker Street" with Pocket Money Polishes "Do You Love Me?"

Nails Inc "St Johns Wood" with Pocket Money Polishes "Time Of My Life"

Revlon "Ritzy"

 Indy's Indies "Party In A Bottle"

ILNP "Mutagen"

ILNP "Cygnus Loop"

ILNP "Cygnus Loop" with Nail Lacquer UK "Heart Or Love"

LaFemme "Iceblue Cream" with Iconic Effect "Winters Night"

Dollish Polish "That's So 80s"

Nails Inc "Duchess Street" with Enchanted Polish "Daydream Surprise"

Nails Inc "Black Taxi" with Iconic Effect "Christmas Sparkle"

 Barry M "Cyan Blue" with Iconic Effect "Lime Light"

Dollish Polish "Jolliest Bunch Of A**holes This Side Of The Nuthouse"

Nails Inc "Hyde Park Gate" with Dollish Polish "A Unicorn Farted In My Polish"

China Glaze "Thunderbird"

Nfu.Oh "64"

So there we are, I hope you are suitably spammed out now! I can't say when my next post will be, but I will be back again one day, please don't desert me! Don't forget there's always Facebook ( and Instagram (@annabean1983) - I update those more frequently than my blog proper.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

1 comment:

  1. too much in only one post, i'm overwhelmed!
    zoya avery looks just perfect on you. i like the "nude" ones.
    nails inc and pocket money make an amazing combo.
    party in a bottle looks almost like rainbow honey magic cake
    LaFemme and iconic effect make another perfect combo that they should invent cause it's better then the two separately
    I want and need the Dollish Polish one right here right now
    They should make a polish called A unicorn just farted in Hyde Park and I'd buy it in no time

    AKA you are the queen of combos