Sunday, 19 May 2013

Polish Roulette - Two Colours, One Manicure!

Hello! It's the start of a new theme week at All Things Nails today, and I've been so looking forward to it! It's called "Polish Roulette", and the idea is to pick two random colours and create one manicure with them. I asked my mum to pick the colours for today, and I was actually really pleased with her choices!

Here are the two polishes she chose, Barry M "Peach Melba" and Nails Inc "Cumberland Street":

So to start off with, I applied two coats of Barry M "Peach Melba":

Then I created a Ruffian manicure using Nails Inc "Cumberland Street":

And then using a dotting tool I added some dots using Peach Melba again, and top coat to finish:

What do you think? For a random selection chosen by somebody other than myself, I think it turned out pretty well! The colours go strangely well together and I knew what I would do with them from the moment mum picked them out!

I won't be doing Polish Roulette every day as I have other polishes that I really want to wear, so instead I'll do it every other day like I did with blue week.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Brilliant colour choice by your mum. I really really love these. So pretty.

  2. Those colours look great - does your mum know colour theory, 'cos blue and orange are complementaries which always look good together! I love your design too :D

  3. Thank you both muchly, I'll tell mum her choices have gone down well, even if they were chosen completely at random - sometimes fate works in glorious ways :) xx

  4. Awesome nails! Love both colours :) x