Friday, 21 December 2012


I thought I'd have a little break from NOTD posts today and instead share with you some of my favourite manicures from recent months. They may not be the best manicures I've given myself in terms of technique/neatness etc., rather just for the polish itself (formula/colour/whatever). 

This will be a fairly large post, so carry on reading after the jump for some proper beauts, including this one (can you guess what it is?).....

Of course, it's Color Club "Cherubic". One from their fairly new "Halo Hues" collection. Peachy neutral linear holo. Total win. Two coats (no top coat).

NYC "Rock Muse". They describe it on the bottle as a "smoky top coat". In other words, it's a sheer black jelly base with small and large silver glitter. I have two coats here layered over a black creme.

Nails Inc "Heddon Street". This beautiful burgundy shimmer was brought to my attention by Viktoria at She Paints Her Nails, and I can never thank her enough!! It really is one of my all-time favourite polishes. Two coats here.

Nails Inc "Leicester Square". Stunning electric purple shimmer. Quite difficult to get hold of these days, which makes me cry. Two coats.

OPI "Born Red-y". This was part of an OPI set which I purchased from QVC UK a while ago, and I think it might have been created exclusively for that set. My favourite red shimmer. Two flawless coats.

OPI "Bronzed To Perfection". Perfect for autumn. Two coats.

OPI "Casino Royale". From OPI's recent "Skyfall" collection. I can't decide whether it's red or purple or something else, but I don't suppose it matters - it's beautiful is what it is. Applied like a dream. Two coats.

China Glaze "Agro". Mossy green shimmer from their "Capitol Colours" collection. Two coats.

Nails Inc "Bury Walk" with China Glaze "Fairy Dust" layered on top. Bury walk is an interesting but incredibly beautiful polish, it's a sheer light grey base with subtle pink shimmer. So delicate. Two coats, with (I *think*) one coat of Fairy Dust.

China Glaze "Let's Groove". Deep, rich, velvety plum/purple shimmer. Absolute beaut. Two coats.

Color Club "Artsy Craftsy". Blue-toned forest green creme. Luscious. Two coats.

Colour Pop "Coral". Officially one of the brightest polishes I own. Nearly killed my camera trying to photograph this (as is evidenced by my rather dodgy-looking skin tone here) and still couldn't even get close - it really is ridiculously, burn-your-eyes-out bright! For such a cheapie polish (£1.99 from New Look), it's got a really good formula, if a little bit on the smelly side.Two coats here.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this "Favourites" post! I will be making it a semi-regular feature! Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Amazing shades, I love them all esp the green:)
    Sara xx

    1. Thank you Sara!! I had a really difficult time narrowing down my selection, I don't think I own a single polish that I don't like, so I had rather a few to pick from! :) xx

  2. All absolutely beautiful. For me OPI "Casino Royale" is my fave on you. Looks absolutely stunning! x

    1. Aw thank you Charlotte! It is certainly a stunning polish :) xx

  3. Aw thank you!!! Also, I want every single one of these polishes haha. Particularly Casino Royale! Lovely post, and a great idea *ponders*

    1. Hehee and thank you too!! It was a lot of fun doing this post, I'm gonna do many more like this in future :) Casino Royale is proving to be one of the most popular polishes I've worn, and it's easy to see why - t'is an absolute beaut :) xx